London Games Festival: Giant Monopoly

In case you missed it, there was a giant 15m x 15m Monopoly board sitting in the middle of Trafalgar square over the weekend complete with giant dice and playing pieces.

The giant board was set up to launch the London Games Festival which commenced on April 1 and will be ending on Sunday.

Members of the public were invited to complete a round of the board to learn more about key figures and dates in the gaming industry.

Icebreaker: Wildest Fan

With help from Poem AustraliaIcebreaker, went on the hunt for its ‘wildest fan’ on social media to take part in an adventurous promotional activity.

Poem co-founder, Matt Holmes, said in a statement: “Icebreaker is all about inspiring adventures and with the first flagship store launching in one of the busiest city spots in Sydney, we wanted to bring the outdoors to an urban environment.

“We knew that the brand had a core group of advocates and a really engaged community on social that could be leveraged to reach a mainstream audience.

Icebreaker Australasia general manager, Greg Smith added: “We like to challenge ideas which is what ‘live wild’ is all about. City life is great but the continual compression of time and space can come at a cost. The more it’s compressed, the more people yearn for outdoor experiences as an antidote to how fast life has become.

“These days, outside is the new ‘outdoor’. While we’re definitely a great partner in the more adventurous and remote locations nature has to offer, we’re just as useful for more urban adventures. We passionately believe that living a life where we balance our city life with time in nature allows us to restore our soul and reconnect with our human spirit. And Pitt Street is a pretty cool place to tell that story.”

SKII: “Leftover Women”

With the help of Forsman & Bodenfors, Luxury skincare brand SKII has created an incredibly moving video it hopes will help break down the social stigma of being a single woman in China, zeroing in on just a few of these so-called spinsters and their dissatisfied parents.

The video turns assumptions on their heads, however, in a twist that will give you all goosebumps.

The film shows that Sheng Nus are not leftovers but on the contrary, strong women who choose if and when they want to get married.

Bad week for Hero Condoms

Last week Hero Condoms launched a campaign on Tinder with the aim to help educate young Australians on safe sex. However, campaigners were quick to accuse the brand of stigmatising people with HIV and AIDS with an “incredible amount of misinformation and lack of science”.

Hero has since apologised: “We sincerely and unreservedly apologise for any offence that may have been caused by our genuine efforts to communicate the safe sex message.”

The profiles that caused the most offense, Aydes and Aidy, offered jokes about HIV and AIDS.

Aidy’s profile reads: “Knock knock. Who’s there? AIDS.”

Aydes’ profile reads: “Only swipe right if you like: Incurable virus that destroys immune systems. Rapid weight loss. Extreme tiredness. Profuse night sweats.”

You can read Hero’s full statement here