World Heritage Week: Recreating destroyed architecture

A 2,000-year-old arch, destroyed by ISIS in Syria, was recreated in London’s Trafalgar Square as part of Word Heritage Week.

The “Arch of Triumph,” located in the historic town of Palmyra, was destroyed by ISIS in October, after militants captured the city last spring.

Syria’s director of antiquities, Maamoun Abdulkarimm, who was present in London for the installation on Monday, called the replica an “action of solidarity,” according to the BBC.

The replica stood in London for three days before moving to Dubai and New York, officials said.

 L’Oréal: Colourblind men see red for the first time

L’Oreal quite literally has people seeing red. The makeup brand’s latest ad in Mexico is a heartwarming video that captures the tear jerking moment when colourblind men see their partners wearing red lipstick for the first time. The campaign highlights that 1 in 12 men can’t see the colour red – a red dress or lipstick will usually register as brown.

The video is being pushed on all of L’Oréal Paris’s social networks in Mexico. L’Oreal is also asking women to share photos of themselves wearing their favourite shade with the hashtag #EsteEsMiRojo or #ThisIsMyRed.

Airbnb: Urging holidaymakers to “Put Away the Selfie Stick and Live Like a Local”

According to their own research, Airbnb claim that 86% of its users pick the site because they want to live more like a local. That insight of living rather than visiting inspired the brand’s latest marketing campaign, “Live There.”

“The modern tourist industry kind of shepherds travelers through this exhausting conveyor belt of rather crowded experiences. Increasingly there is a growing ground flow of traveler demand for experiences that are not like the typical tourist experiences that actually more reflect what it’s like to live in local places,” Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall told Adweek.

As part of the campaign, AirBnb will also be updating their app to include more features that will help travellers get submerged in the local culture such as guidebooks.