On Tuesday, a buzzy new text messaging app called Talkshow launched giving us the ability to “text in public.”

Currently only available on iOS, the app allows users to host  message-based “Talkshows” about various topics, from entertainment to politics. Users notify their followers when a Talkshow is live thus encouraging anyone who’s paying attention to contribute with messages, reactions and GIFs. Imagine Periscope for texting.

Founder Michael Sippey said in a blog post that the concept is inspired by a conversation posted online of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

“People have been screenshotting texts and posting them on the web for years, but it was this Instagram pic Taylor Swift posted of a conversation with Ed Sheeran that pushed me toward Talkshow,” he said.

After you’ve downloaded the app, you can find friends via Twitter, Facebook or your email contacts. If you want to kick off a show, you simply pick your co-host (or host alone), choose a title and an alert will be pushed out to followers.
You can also discover live Talkshows from the app’s homescreen and join in. And if you feel that you want to jump in as a co-host, you can instantly send a request to do so to the main host.
After attracting a lot of attention throughout the social-sphere, unfortunately the app is a little buggy with many people unable to open the app once its downloaded.

However once the initial issues are ironed out, I can see this app being incredibly useful at conferences, quickly replacing the twitter hashtag as a way to follow opinions and questions during keynotes.