Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce – Ultimate Revenge

On Wednesday, a white Range Rover Revere (starting price of £75,000) appeared outside Harrods with the words  “cheater – it’s over” and “hope she was worth it” spray-painted all over it in bright red letters.

According to the MailOnline, a chap wearing a white T-shirt and sunglasses was spotted timidly jumping into the car and driving off without saying anything to the dozens of onlookers nearby.

It caused quite a stir on twitter but this cynic was not convinced!

On Wednesday evening, Andrew Bloch, MD of Frank PR, confirmed my suspicions by announcing that the car was part of a PR stunt to promote Bravo show ‘Girlfriends Guide To Divorce’.

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JetBlue – Mothers Day

In a lovely stunt to celebrate Mother’s Day in the States, airline JetBlue decided to reward passengers on a flight whenever a baby cried. The brand wanted to remove the stigma of crying babies on flights which traditionally causes passengers to roll their eyes and tut.

The initiative dubbed ‘FlyBabies’ offered a 25% discount to passengers each time a baby cried – All passengers would get a free return flight if a baby cried four times.

IBM Watson & Marchesa – Cognitive Gown

It’s probably the tech geek inside of me but I actually squealed in excitement when I spotted this on twitter!


IBM Watson isn’t a name you’d typically associate with the Met Gala – the fashion industry’s equivalent of the Oscar’s red carpet, bringing together A list beauties from all over the globe.

All the designers were being modelled – Chanel, Balmain, Gucci, Vera Wang and…. IBM Watson, in collaboration with high-fashion label Marchesa.

Covered in fabric flowers embedded with LEDs, Karolina Kurkova glided down the red carpet. Her “cognitive dress” was light, elegant, and romantic, as is Marchesa’s signature.

A colour-changing dress sounds simple enough (did you see that episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?), but the changing lights were not random. Before the gala, Watson analysed Marchesa’s social media feeds to transform followers’ comments into colours. In real time during the ball, Watson processed the huge amount of tweets surrounding the event, and changed the colour of the dress according to the emotions in them.

So who cares right? Well wearable technology and other technologies such as 3D printing have not been associated with the fashion world as of yet – this activity showed that days of combining the two are not as far away as we once thought. Also, the AI involved of intelligently converting emotions to lights is just another remarkable example of how far technology has come.

I bloody loved it! Bravo IBM Watson.

Kronenbourg 1664: ‘The Alsace-tians’ Popup bar

In support of the new advertising campaign featuring famous retired French footballer, Eric Cantona – Kronenbourg 1664 have unveiled a popup bar in Soho which will have a professional team of ‘bark-tenders’ on hand to deliver cold bottles of beer to drinkers via custom dog harnesses which have miniature beer barrels attached.

The event is ticket only and unfortunately they are only in town for one evening! I wish I checked the news more 🙂

dog gif 1

Dog gif 2