Some believe it’s the destination, not the journey that really matters. When it comes to consumers, it’s both. They have a goal or need in mind, but the experience during the journey they take to get there defines how they perceive your brand. Nowadays, consumers achieve their goal with a brand across multiple interactions. Unfortunately, just one poor, disjointed experience can send them straight to the competition.

Consumers are now living in a time where ‘switching off’ can be detrimental to their emotional state. Whether we’re at home or in the office, we’re always checking our mobile devices to ensure we never lose touch whether it be with our friends or colleagues. Brands should expect the same from their consumers.

Marketing used to be focused on big campaigns to highlight particular news or features but with the digital age now upon us, engagement now has to be constant but yet in line with the overall content strategy

We take a look into how brands can use Twitter to ensure that they’re always communicating with their audience on all channels – keeping in touch yet being relevant.

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