Powershop  – Children Quoting Donald Trump

Kiwi based online electricity retailer – Powershop has launched a video of six kids mockingly quoting Donald Trump highlighting that power should be used for good not bad.

“I’ll build a great, great wall,” is among the Trump quotes in the adverts featuring the children dressed in orange-tinged wigs.

Trump isn’t actually mentioned anywhere which I think makes this campaign quite clever and has successfully piggybacked on the Trump controversy.

Deliveroo – Waterloo slot machine



On Wednesday, commuters at Waterloo Station were given a nostalgic games arcade treat from food delivery service Deliveroo.

The ‘RooMachine’ was set up and inspired by the experience of using a classic slot machine to win edible treats.

The game dished out samples from some of Deliveroo’s key restaurant partners including Hummingbird Bakery, Yo! Sushi, Crosstown and Farmstand. Players also had the chance to win some jackpot surprises.

The machine took nearly 400 hours to design and build and includes bespoke mechanical components that utilise race grade bicycle gears – it will be touring the country over the summer.

TK Maxx – Duvet Dining



On Wednesday, TK Maxx partnered with food guru Gizzi Erskine to launch #DuvetDining, a one-day exclusive pop-up dining experience.

Held at the Loft in Shoreditch, diners enjoyed a bespoke menu designed by Erskine, who’s task for the evening was to highlight dishes that were not quite what they seemed.

Courses included tomato tea, an edible flower garden and deceptive jellies. These unique creations were served inside duvet forts made from TK Maxx sheets and linens.

The event supported the launch of Ridiculous Possibilities, the retailer’s new campaign, which aims to bring to life the ‘delightfully different yet brilliant opportunities’ made possible when shopping at TK Maxx.

Panasonic Business – Think Again


Panasonic Business has launched a B2B campaign encouraging businesses to ‘think again’ about what its portfolio means to them.

While already a large household name for consumer products, Panasonic hopes this campaign will drive awareness of its business offerings across the tech and services sectors.

In order to support this, the manufacturer created a campaign mini-site, which provides a selection of case studies, facts and examples of its B2B offerings.

The entirely digital campaign will run for three months in the UK, and is set to roll out across Europe in September.

Stephen Yeo, European marketing director for Panasonic Business, said: “While you may know us for excellent TVs, sales of business and industrial products are actually over 70 per cent of our business, we hope this campaign can help balance the perception a little.”

Krispy Kreme – Hole in the Wall


To celebrate the launch of its sinful new collaboration with Nutella, Krispy Kreme has launched an ATM-style vending machine at its store in Holborn, to give Nutella-enthusiasts the chance to try out the doughnut before it is rolled out nationwide. The machine is £2 a pop and dispenses the Nutty Chocolatta. The machine will be open until 21 May and all proceeds will be going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

John Lewis/Air BnB – Interiors Masterclasses


Airbnb reported a 73% increase in the number of rooms in London since April last year. The firm also revealed the number of people looking to book Airbnb rooms in London is up 86%. It means the capital is now the third most-visited Airbnb city in the world, behind Paris and New York, with 983,000 visitors in 2015.

This month, Home Designer at John Lewis, Tony Berardis is hosting masterclasses in John Lewis’s flagship Oxford Street store to teach users how to attract more guests to their home.

The masterclasses, which run from May 19 to 22, will be led by Berardis and other experts and will cover hot topics such as how to get started, room essentials and turning a room around in 30 minutes. As part of the collaboration, John Lewis is also selling a starter pack with a double mattress, sheets, mattress toppers and curtains for £925.

Bad week (or arguably a good week) for…. Lyst



Online designer fashion retailer Lyst ruffled feathers this week when they unveiled a ‘Canine Collection’ on their site. The collection included live popular breeds of puppies along with clothing and accessories.

A social media campaign backed the collection providing snapshots of puppies being prepared for shipping and retweeting customers sharing images on how excited they were about their new companion.

Twitter went off! Animal charities began angrily tweeting the brand reminding Lyst that dogs are not accessories as well as angry doggie lovers claiming that the brand was irresponsible.

Later, Lyst announced the whole thing was a hoax to ‘raise awareness’ about the worrying trend for handbag dogs.

Christian Woofenden, Lyst’s Chief Marketing Officer said in a statement, “A dog is for life, not just for Instagram. We’re positively overwhelmed by the number of people talking about this important issue, and hope that it goes some way towards helping Blue Cross with their vital work in this space.” Lyst said in their statement that the Blue Cross has seen a 120% increase in the amount of ‘handbag’ dogs needing to be rehomed in the last five years.

However,  Humane Society International and a whole cast of angry tweeters retorted – doing it as a ‘hoax’ wasted a lot of people’s time and upset people unnecessarily.

Onnnnnn the other hand…. I hadn’t heard of Lyst until this week and in the 48 hours that the canine collection was live, the campaign increased social traffic to Lyst by 1600%, and direct traffic by 120%

Lyst Twitter impressions for all of 2015 were 57 million….
Twitter impressions for the 9th and 10th of May were 31 million.
So was this in fact successful for Lyst?