Who would have known that Mark Zuckerberg’s 2004 creation would be the marketers’ golden nugget 12 years down the line? The once-clogged feed of pregnancy announcements, photos of holidays and birthday wishes is the next chapter for brands seeking to reach their audience in compelling ways.

Many thought leaders have stressed that brands should choose their social platforms and not aim to have presence on everything just for the sake of it.  Having said that, an effective Facebook strategy needs to be an essential focus just for the potential reach and innovation that the platform brings.

Facebook video and Facebook Live are the two main advancements that will attract the most attention from digital marketers, but not before they identify an ambassador with an established following to collaborate in an engaging campaign.

Facebook Video

Facebook video is basically video content directly uploaded to Facebook for consumption and sharing. Funnily enough, Facebook video turns out to be four times more shareable than YouTube content and is given five times more reach than standard photo posts. Therefore, an essential tactic for digital marketers should be developing an effective video content strategy.

Paid distribution on Facebook is also extraordinarily affordable for video at $0.85 to $2, so it’s easy to take the top-performing pieces and give them a push.

Facebook Live

Periscope and Meerkat quickly burst onto the scene last year, allowing brands and thought leaders to bring users into real-time content experiences. Now that Facebook has entered the picture, the game is on the brink of change and casts a slightly worrying outlook for the future of these innovative apps.

Facebook’s strength is its ability to leverage its social graph to notify users when their friends are tuned in to live streams. Posters can also send invitations to friends to accompany them in these viewing experiences, making streaming shareable while encouraging a sense of community.

So far, it has been reported that Facebook Live streams generate 10 times more comments than standard videos.

The Happy Chewbacca Lady – posted below generated over 91 million views making it the most watched Facebook Live video. Brilliantly, Zuckerberg then invited Candace to FB HQ to pose for some quirky shots with her hero Chewbacca.

As Facebook continues to develop creative ways for users to consume content, the platform holds a major advantage over other content consumption companies in the fact that it is social. Users already have an audience of connections and primarily use the platform to share.

What’s next for Facebook? Well with the development of 360 video, it would be safe to say that VR is definitely on the cards for the platform!