In just a few weeks we will be heading to the polling stations about to vote on one of the biggest democratic decisions of our lives (no pressure!)– whether or not our great little island will remain in the EU or go it alone.

Since Cameron announced the referendum earlier this year, groups have formed for each side and the social hemisphere has been up in arms about what side is best for Britain. #Brexit or #Bremain #IN or #OUT

Here’s a look at the content these camps are producing to help persuade the few of us who are still uncertain on which box to tick.

 ‘Workin’ ‘Earnin’ ‘Makin’ #Votin

Yep, afraid this actually wasn’t a joke! The Britain Stronger in Europe group in an attempt to encourage our millennials to vote – launched a social media campaign about young people “ravin”, “shoppin” and “chattin” and then urging them to #stayin (the EU).

Unfortunately like other brands attempting to get down with the kids – critics don’t believe the campaign has been well received due to coming across as too patronising.

Three Lions

Mandy Boylett, a UKIP candidate and committed “Leaver”, created a homemade video showing herself dressed in the union jack and singing a reworked cover of the England football anthem, Three Lions.

The video, including lyrics like: “They’ve taken all our fish and money through the years. There’s regulations, red tape. It seems there’s no escape ’til the Leave vote takes shape” was listened to by leavers and remainers alike and was an instant success on Facebook and Twitter.



A group of Europeans living in the UK – who cannot vote in our referendum – wanted to show that they want the UK to stay in the EU.

Christine Ullman, a German digital marketer has been living in London for seven years and is co-creator of the Please Don’t Go UK campaign in an attempt to express her love for her chosen homeland.

The group started the #HugaBrit campaign in which they invited fellow Europeans in the UK to share pictures of themselves embracing British friends, spouses and colleagues.


The lizard-chasing dog of Mallorca

An unlikely furry ambassador for the Remain group is a dog from Mallorca called Anton, who has 10,800 followers on Instagram and shared the picture below which became the second most debated photograph related to the EU referendum on the social network – according to research by the Oxford Internet Institute.


JD Wetherspoons

JD Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin strengthened his push for a UK exit from the EU by printing 200,000 beer mats for the pub chain attacking the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde.

Each individual mat carries the signature of Martin and will feature in each of the chain’s 920 UK pubs.

The chain has also launched a microsite where users can access reports/videos to help them decide on how to vote.



The UKIP-backed Leave.EU campaign seems to have a number of voices within its own content strategy – among them Grassroots Out and the Great British Fudge Off.

The Great British Fudge Off (or GBFO) is a site featuring satirical cartoons and articles referring to the agreement secured by David Cameron over Britain’s role within the EU.

Rather strangely, the site promotes a campaign where users can purchase a bar of fudge which will be added to a mountain which will be personally delivered to the prime minister. It then almost backtracks by saying it will donate any unused bars to old ladies in shelters.

Very bizarre to say the least!


Voteleave has taken a more informative approach to the campaign revealing a money clock adding up UK contributions to the EU in real time.

It’s a powerful point. But there is no support for the calculations.


The UK government

The UK government decided to go against the recommendaitons to reach people online and opted to run a direct mail drop to every house in the country. The activity was reported to have cost the tax payer around £9 million. Many have questioned whether the government should have taken the move. Some have even said the mailshot’s very one sided pro-stay stance could push people into voting to leave.


So what does this blogger think? Well although both sides are fighting to persuade us, I feel there is a really unbalanced amount of content that simply states facts without sensationalising anything. A group that came out with some sort of questionnaire which identified which aspects were important to us and therefore which side would be better suited to our needs would be immensely helpful. However, I then decided that maybe the lack of balanced articles are not there because we simply don’t know what is going to happen. My advice is to follow your heart and please….. NOT the headlines!