We may be guilty of partaking in a few – then immediately realising that it’s going to get super annoying after 5-6 of our friends get involved. Social media trends come and go at a scary speed. Some are good and some are just plain pointless. Let’s take a look at some of the most irritating that were ever dreamt up.

1) Like and Share to win prizes

Ahh the good old “we need to grow our Facebook following” tactic when launching a social media account for a client. It’s a pretty simple concept, users are encouraged to like an image detailing a competition and then share it to their timeline so friends can get involved as well. What’s the problem? Well when the same competition pops up with over 20,000 likes and shares, not only is it irritating but completely pointless to enter! Facebook recognise this now and have made it quite difficult to run this promotion – brands can’t see who have shared an image, only likes so hopefully its demise will be around the corner. It does now mean that marketers will now have to think of an original way to grow their reach though – damn.


2) Bit Strips

A little cartoon strip you can create and customise to have you and your friends as the characters in. It was amazing at first! Until you realised that everybody’s looked the same and the jokes weren’t actually that funny! Thank goodness for the “hide” option otherwise this would’ve been plaguing our timelines for months!


3) Share this or have bad luck forever!

What started off as spam emails sent on mass to every friend in your email contact list has moved onto the social media scene. Scary photos promising to kill your family if you don’t tag 15 friends is a bit tasteless and absolute clickbait for Facebook mums who give it a tag “just in case”.


4) Political propaganda

“This soldier was refused service in a corner shop because he fought in Iraq – like if you think this is a DISGRACE!” Turns out, it is just a photo of a random soldier and now everybody thinks you follow Britain First! Careful what you “like” people! It turns out (especially after the recent referendum) that people are a lot dopier than we give them credit for. Right wing propaganda has run amok over social media over the past year or so and most of it is grossly false or misleading. On the other hand, you could argue that these parties are content geniuses because who knew a random photo with a false statement based on a current affair would gain so much traction.


5) Brad, Brad’s Dad, Brad’s girlfriend

I’m going to sound like an old hag but 1) how does ANYONE believe these pranks are real 2) how does ANYONE find them funny?!

Brad and his squad have made me experience serious doubts about the youth of today!

P.S. I am aware that sharing one of their videos is not helping my case!

I’m sure I’ve missed some out! What trends grind your gears on Facebook?