Although the past few years has been dominated by text messaging and in recent months video –  thanks to the success of podcasts like Serial people are again embracing the intimacy of the audio broadcast.

Step forward American firm Pundit who debuted their audio social media platform earlier this year which allows users to broadcast short “waves” in a newsfeed style delivery. Listeners can then physically comment on the posts using voice notes to share their opinion and ask questions.

Co-founders Billy Shaw Susanto and Chris Aston told TechCrunch that they believe their forum for “bite-sized talkshows” will be used by young millennials who are looking to make voice chat more entertaining.

They hope that the addition of voice filters such as robot and monster voices will set the platform apart from traditional voice messaging apps. Sounds a bit random but after the success of the bumble bee and deer filters on Snapchat, people are clearly enjoying the opportunity to cover the sound of their voice so this could be a huge hit for the platform.

Having just downloaded the app and having a quick browse, I can see this app getting addictive! The waves are just about long enough to keep your attention and there are already big name brands such as General Electric on board. Unfortunately like most brits, I can’t bear listening to my voice recorded so it might take a while to kick off over here.

If you would like to check out the app yourself, head to the apple store to download:

What do you think about the reinvention of voice messaging?