Why have a recruitment video? 

Recruitment videos are a fantastic way to shed some insight into life at your business. They enable candidates to learn about the culture of your organisation, understand the principles that they will need to adhere to whilst working there and what challenges they will be working on day to day.

Not only are recruitment videos great at attracting talent but they’re also great at attracting the right talent. If candidates watch a video and decide that the culture isn’t really for them, it may discourage them from applying thus saving time and money on interviewing them to discover later on in the process that they are not a good fit.

Part of a strong inbound methodology requires businesses to provide a great, consistent culture where team members are valued and educated on the principles of the organisation. This in turn helps delight customers who will be happy to promote your business to their peers.

But my organisation isn’t zany enough for a recruitment video? 

True! You must be careful that your professional accountancy doesn’t come across as wacky for the sake of it just to try and make your business look fun. Remember, not all candidates are looking for crazy places to work and there are some fantastic examples of recruitment videos which focus on other pull factors to bring the best candidates to them.

  1. The Financial Times

A great example of a “serious” business presenting the enjoyable aspects of working at their premises. Notice that there’s lost of emphasis on encouraging fresh ideas and innovation in order to remain relevant in the business world. Employees discuss the opportunities available to them as well as show a peek at life where they celebrate a colleagues birthday.


2. Matthew Clarke

A great look at the day to day life of a wine sales rep (dream job huh!?) – the video is great at capturing the field based aspect of the role and highlighting the career progression opportunities. The employees also talk about the company values and how that helps with their sales quotas (you have to read between the lines a little!)


3. Cisco Meraki

A great example of a business highlighting their culture with little emphasis on the actual products that they sell. They manage to show some of the perks like working from anywhere, social events and their high regard for employee opinions. There’s also a sneak peek at some of the great technology they use and the way they celebrate success.


4. Barclays

How can you make a bank look like an enjoyable place to work? Highlight the reasons that employees decided to work there of course. Barclays is great at confirming how they are different to other banks and manages to amplify its diversity by interviewing people with lots of different backgrounds. They have a big focus on collaboration and honesty which are aligned to their values when dealing with customers.


5. Hurst Accountants

Although there are some improvements to be made for this one (change the music, make it much shorter etc.) it is good at highlighting why their employees wanted to work for a smaller firm in comparison to the Big 4. Hurst have recognised that this could be a potential blocker to attract good talent so are clear with the differences and pros of working at a smaller firm.

Where do I start in creating a recruitment video?

The first thing to understand is why people want to work at your business. Gather as much information as you can by interviewing employees about what they enjoy and what opportunities they have had to grow and develop.

Keep it concise….

Attention spans are diminishing as people get exposure to more and more content so try and keep statements short, relevant and engaging in order to keep people watching.

Be realistic…

You can say that there are lots of opportunities for development and promotions and pretend that you are a super fun organisation but you will get found out either during the recruitment process or worse after the candidate has started. This strategy only works if you have a clearly defined company culture and set of values which are consistent throughout all employees and processes.

Measure, measure measure!

Have you noticed more traffic to your careers section on your website? Are you receiving more relevant applications? Whenever investing in any sort of content you should be tracking results and measuring them against previous statistics. If its not working, continue to change and test.

Finally, invest in quality….

Recruitment videos are great at attracting the best talent who are akin to your culture and values. Although you can get your phone out and film some statements and the play around on iMovies to add some overlays and music – it is best to leave this with your marketing team or an outsourced professional. After all, this will be representing your business!

How not to do it

Has your organisation used a recruitment video? How successful was it?