It was a great milestone indeed when B2B finally took notice that content marketing was the way forward. Engaging prospects by creating articles, videos, blogs and whitepapers on industry related issues and how to solve them certainly made the marketing role a lot more interesting! Some brands even went as far as reaching out to decision makers on an emotional level to differentiate themselves against their competitors.

Unfortunately though – this trend has also left the internet saturated with generic, unhelpful and lazy content.

Why is this? Well of course there is pressure on marketing departments to create engaging content but quantity over quality is not the answer to an effective inbound strategy.

What industry shall I pick on? Lets go with IT Security. Its an area I used to work in and a lot of my LinkedIn pals still do so I see several posts regarding IT Security every day.

So this is the thing, CIOs don’t need to read another blog post highlighting the latest security threats and the latest business to go under due to something as benign as an out of support router. They don’t need to know what will happen to their business reputation if a security breach happened. They don’t need to know why it’s important to invest in protection against threats. Basically… .they read the news and know all this already.

Where are they potentially stuck? Well many of them will be wanting to know how they can enhance their security in accordance to the piddly little budget that has been allocated to them. They need to know what are the most cost effective ways to get security up to scratch. They need to know what the biggest threats are within their industry so they can add context and clarity when requesting budget. They need to know what could be a potential threat within their current infrastructure and advice on how to conduct their own security audits.

Yes they can simply hire a consultant from your business to do this but remember those pesky budget constraints? If your business can help them do as much fact finding as possible by providing advice through whitepapers, Webinars and blog posts – they can do their audit, request budget and hire a professional to get it sorted.

Providing assistance from a content point of view which helps them identify what needs to be done will be greatly valuable to them. They will see some value in your business and potentially then contact you for consultancy. You’ve made yourself look so credible and helpful that you can justify premium pricing – they’ll be delighted with your work and happily discuss their experience with their network.

And that my friends is effective B2B marketing…